About Us

In 1960, Hansel & Gretel was founded by Mrs. Meta Grill the Executive Director. Mrs. Grill studied the Froebel approach to childhood education; an approach that formed the first “kindergarten” and was widely adapted throughout Europe and the United States. Mrs. Grill became a leading and respected authority in the field of childcare and education as she led the "Meta Grill Day Care Center” through rapid expansion and growth.

In 1972, the 2206 Walnut Street location was opened and expanded to offer a nursery school through fifth grade elementary school program. Along with the expansion of the program came the new name of the school “Hansel & Gretel School”. Continuing in the commitment to implementing the most highly respected and progressive methods of teaching, Hansel and Gretel incorporated the “Montessori Method” into the school’s program. The Montessori Method promotes independence and respects the development of each child as a unique individual.

In 1982, the Londonderry Road facility was built to offer infant through pre-school care to families in the area. Today, this location offers exceptional child care for ages 6 weeks to six years and a Montessori pre-school and kindergarten program. Today both facilities offer you and your child a unique blend of nurturing child care and the most respected teaching practices available to in the industry. Since its beginning, Hansel & Gretel has been a family-owned and highly respected care center. It is a family taking care of families for fifty years. We are currently serving our second generation of families.