• Role-Playing Games

• Songs and Videos for Social Interaction

• Potty Training

• Outdoor Learning Experiences

• Practicing Manners

• Art and Creative Exploration

• Dress Up Time

• Experiences for Developing Friendships

• Morning Circle Time for Singing, Dancing and Story Reading

Our Late Toddler Program is designed for active, inquisitive toddlers with an environment that focuses on the development of the whole child. We focus on:

Cognitive Development and Language Acquisition

Social-Emotional Development

Fine Motor Development, Manners, Language Skills and Hygiene

Creative and Learning Development

Learning experiences are planned to promote each toddler’s growing independence, to enhance social skills, and to build the confidence needed to reach their individual potential and prepare for preschool and beyond.

Our space is built for active and inquisitive toddlers with environments made up of well-planned learning centers that allow for physical activity, child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching. The program includes:

Our goal is to prepare your child for his/her next stage of life in a nurturing,

caring environment of fun and exploration.


2 years

to 3 years