As a pre-schooler, your child is using newly emerging skills and advanced thought to begin the process of transitioning to a higher level of learning. Our preschool classrooms are designed to capture the imagination, enhance the interests and develop the creative expression of our children in these formative years.

Our pre-school day begins with Pledge of Allegiance, a Morning Prayer, songs, exercise, and learning about the weather. The program is designed to help your child build self-care skills, care of the environment, and begin to learn basic math and language skills in preparation for the school years ahead.

Our curriculum stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning. Children move to elementary school socially prepared, excited to learn, and well versed in the language, math, and science skills they’ll need to succeed.

The day continues through the morning with a variety of skill building exercises including:

• Learning to serve snacks to friends

• Cleaning the table

• Matching and sorting exercises

• Learning shapes and colors

• Alphabet and Counting Skills

• Music and Creative Development

• Language Skills

Outside the classroom format, children are also exposed to creative projects, outdoor activities, stories, games, and teacher facilitated group activities. Each day is designed to provide a perfect balance of structured group learning and individual development to help your child become his/her unique best.


3 years

to 5 years